FSX Cross country tour @ pestgaming.com


Homeless Guy
Oct 4, 2004
If any of you wackbaggers that havent been to pestgaming in a while like flying, we will be starting our cross country tour tonight at 9pm EST. we will be using small planes, and making lots of stops along the way. if your interested, check out this thread


quote from Farzide @ pestgaming.com
The idea is to fly from one coast of the US to the other doing short hops.
It will probably take months so no one is expected to make every flight, show up if you can. I'm good pretty much any night.
If you can't make it one night, you'll just pick up at the airport that the rest landed at the previous time.
It would be best if we can figure out a night of the week where the most people can make it, but spur of the moment flights are always an option.
A minimum of three pilots must be present for the flight to count towards the tour!
If you have an area that you would like to fly over, or an airport that you would like to land at, please say so.
Screenies of the tour can be posted here.
We can start on the West coast and fly East or visa versa. Please state your preference.
All are welcome but TeamSpeak is a must.

Personally I'd like to fly West to East.
Places I'd like to hit up are: Aspen CO, Chicago IL, Wilkes-Barre PA, Montauk NY