FU 2 Comcast


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Jeeze. I had cable for a year then they decided to make a transition and I have been without a computer for three weeks. They destroyed all my windows files and some of my dos. They also sent me a bill. ha haaha hahahahaha haha ha ahhahahahahahahahahahaha
needles to say I am back and with DSL.

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Wow, sorry to hear that. When they transitioned me over I had no internet for a few days and it somehow managed to erase all my IE bookmarks but other than that it went ok. I tried to call to complain but it took 3 days to get through!! The only thing now is they gave me a new @comcast.net email address that so far is not authenticated, therefore will not work and supposedly they are phasing out the old @home accounts soon....wtf?


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They suck. It was there tech team like all the others that just dont know what the hell they are doing. THEY STINK