FU, asshole who invented wallpaper.


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I have a rental that I'm working on right now. It had peeling wallpaper in both bathrooms (golly, who would have guessed wallpaper in a steamy environment would have trouble?), the entry way, and one wall each in two bedrooms.

I don't know what happened, but all the wallpaper also ripped off badly. As in, the paper backing the wallpaper separated from the "face" of the wallpaper. Now I have several walls glued with fuzzy brown paper.

It's going to take a full day of scraping (combined with steam, a sponge with hot water, and at last resort that disgusting chemical spray) to get this shit off.

Oh, and the rental is ~130 miles from my house, so I have to pack some overnight shit when I go there later this week.

I know I could probably get away with just painting over the fuzzy brown paper, but that's just passing on the trouble that I was handed. I'm going to do this fucking right if it kills me.

But who the fuck puts up wallpaper anyway? It's not any quicker or easier than painting, given the need to line up the paper just right. If you fuck up removing it, you can easily end up having to replace the fucking drywall, which is a monumental pain in the ass. If you just decide you don't like it anymore, you have to remove it.

Paint. If you don't like the color of your paint, paint over it. The only time you'll need to replace the wall if you paint it is if something actually goes wrong with the wall, rather than you fucking up replacing the cosmetic cover on the wall.

At least I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a professional paint spray system. That should save some effort. I hope.

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Just get a scoring tool:


and the spray gel stripper. Score, spray, then use some elbow grease and a putty knife. I had to strip a bathroom a couple years ago and that was the easiest way to take care of the problem.
I have all of that. In this situation, it's easier to go with the dry putty knife first, then score/spray if the situation warrants. There are large areas to clear, and gooping too much of it at once is just too fucking messy.

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Put a couple of dryer sheets in a spray bottle with warm water. Spray it on, let it sit for a little bit, and you can pretty much wipe it off. I've done this twice and it worked like a champ.


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I'd rather re-sheet rock the whole bathroom the fuck around scraping it all off then spackaling it all then sanding it all.
Wallpaper is fine (I don't like it) as long as they put wall size up first... makes removal and installation a lot easier.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
I'd rather re-sheet rock the whole bathroom the fuck around scraping it all off then spackaling it all then sanding it all.

that is how i ended up dealing with the wallpaper in my bathroom, i ripped the fucking walls out.

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I walled papered my bathroom it was a hell a lot than dealing with the Fo paint job I was l left with. but i did paint the walls with Sizzing to make removal easy if i ever have to deal with it