FU Baby Grace

Every time I go Yahoo News I see that stupid fucking rendered photo of this dumb cunt dead kid. It's the creepiest, crappiest looking rendering I have ever seen and it makes her look like a toy neanderthal. It looks like she should be in a fucking horror movie. I don't care about that dead cunt, that isn't real news, play it on the local news and leave it off the WORLD FUCKING news. If I have to see that bullshit one more time I'm BLOCKING yahoo news from my computer. Fuck you you dead bitch, fuck you fake news.
I thought this was going to be a Nancy Grace's new baby.

I hate that woman. Nancy Grace. Karma is a bitch and one day, she will get hers. (I am still on my meds and dont hear voices anymore.)


Mrs. Fuckin Funny

this fucking rendering of this fucking kid haunts me...it's disgusting yeeeechhhhhhhhhhhhh

her stupid parents stink and i'm glad they found out who the fuck it was so we can now see a real picture of the dead kid and not that stupid drawing thing


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The picturee looks like one of the 40 or so pregeria (spelling probably wrong)kids.