FU Boss


Liberal Psycopath
My boss and I were just having a personal conversation, just bitching and venting about another employee. Well for some reason he copied that person on his latest response and now I look like an ass. What a dipshit. :icon_conf


Liberal Psycopath
I'm done with this company anyway.....just waiting for a phone call to move on.

And the comment wasn't anything that would involve HR. I was venting because my company vehicle was broke down and I had no way to get home, and the person with the keys to the spare vehicles couldn't be bothered to answer her phone or talk to me, so I had to go around her and ask someone else. Now I gotta get the vehicle I borrowed from the other guy back to another office sometime tomorrow (assuming my truck is fixed) and meanwhile I am expected to drop everything and attend a meeting at a different office with the boss tomorrow afternoon. I suggested he meet me at my office instead and that naturally pissed him off. So a-hoop jumping I will go.


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Seeing the title from the main page, I was expecting the latest from the body shop of insanity, and l leave sadly disappointed.


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You son-of-a-bitch.

Do you realize how much disappointment this title-hijacking thread is gonna dole out to the masses?

I hope your internet burns down.