FU Chase!


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I canceled a paypal payment of $31. It was easy, and I got confirmation that it was indeed canceled. However dumb chase thinks it wasn't canceled and I have $31 of invisible unusable money in my account. I called them to try and fix the problem and got the run around routine. I'd rather just not have $31 than go through that bullshit.


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I thought this was gonna be a thread about The Sopranos.

Motor Head

I'm dealing with a similar situation with an insurance company. I'm trying to cash out a policy, and they keep sending me premium notices instead of the fucking paperwork to cash in the policy. I've called 3 times and they say "will get that paperwork out to you right away, sir" then a few days later I get a fucking premium notice.

I don't want to pay the fucking premium you cunts, I want my $$$$$.