FU eBay Scammers...bigger FU to me for even bidding


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Dec 30, 2005
So I was looking to pick up a Mac Pro server and software. Came across a great auction for a box with two monitors and a configuration I wanted. No feedback (that's the FU to me) but he answered all of the questions posted and mine as well.

Won the auction with eSnipe (Sorry FM...that's how it's done). Got an email that it was purchased by a James T in IL. Then I get an email from a Charles W in Miami. Red flag! I don't send him the $$ but ask a bunch of questions and get his phone number. Just for shits and giggles, I call the number and ask for James. "uh...yes this is James," he answers with what I'll describe as a "sparkly" voice :rolleyes:. "Who's Charles?" "Uh, he's my partner" OK, I tell him I want to use escrow to ensure that his stuff isn't stolen. He tells me he'll "ask the partner". He explains that he has an IT business and a customer went bankrupt and that's why he's getting rid of the hardware. I ask if he takes credit cards and he says he'll send me the form (if it were legit I prefer credit cards over PayPal as they don't protect the full amount of a transaction like this, and I'd get protection from a corporate card).

Yep, definite red flag but I haven't sent him a dime so I figure I'll have some fun with it. I tell him I want copies of the original Apple receipts for the items I'm buying from him. I get a copy of the receipt and a credit card authorization requiring me to photocopy the front and back of my credit card (signed) and send back. HAHAHAHAHA!

I google both names and of course they don't exist in Florida and Illinois.
I google the corporate name on the credit card authorization and of course it doesn't exist either.
I check the fictitious name registries in Illinois and Florida and of course the corporate name doesn't exist.

Next, I call Apple to verify the serial number on the receipt and (of course) serial number doesn't exist. For further entertainment I call the Apple Store in Miami that the receipt came from. After chatting with the sales guy for a bit, he looks up the receipt number. Instead of it being for a $3000 server sold to Charles W in January, it's a receipt for a $30 iPod case sold to a Shawn D in November. Bingo, we have a winner! Or might we say LOSER...one with Photoshop skills but not a whole lot of brains.

I'm amused at this point, mostly because I haven't given this asshole a dime. But what I have now is another name. Off to Google THAT name.

Interestingly enough, up pops a LinkedIn profile for Shawn...owner of an IT company based in Miami Florida and Chicago, IL. Went to school in Illinois, now lives in Miami.

Meanwhile, I get a nastygram from "Charles" saying that I haven't been in contact with him and because I told him I wanted escrow, I'm a scammer and that if I don't call/pay him tonight, he's leaving me negative feedback on eBay. Moron seems to have forgotten that I talked to "James" about the escrow :)

So I write him an email back starting with, "Well Shawn, this is what *I* know..."

Funnily enough, I didn't get a message back.
I did, however, send a message to eBay.

A few hours later, the auction disappears and the seller's account is suspended.

SO...learn from Auntie 'Bagette kids...

FU to me for even bothering to bid on an item from a person with no feedback. I HAVE done that on occasion but not on something that expensive. Sometimes it just pays to pay retail.

Sorry for the book but hopefully some of what I did will be of use to anyone who has suspicions about a seller...these tools work and any respectable seller will wait for you to vet them out for everyone's safety.


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Apr 24, 2005
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Don't be so hard on yourself. You didn't pay for a box full of sand.

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Sep 5, 2005
Good job protecting yourself...ebay can be a big pain in the balls.


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Oct 13, 2004
Y'know what though, kudos to you for using some common sense research skills and getting the seller thrown off ebay rather than some sucker falling for it. You saved some poor schlep out there a big headache.