FU Halo 3


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(insert picture of smashed disc and bloody fist here)
I couldn't get my camera to connect to my new computer, but you get the point. I've never thought i could be so happy about destroying something I just spent $60 on.


Why do people keep calling me?
And what's the deal with the Ghost? It can only fit one person? Bungie could clearly add another seat on the back. What the F?
I played Halo on tonight on XBox.
I haven't played in years, it was fantastic.
4 person multiplayer on a monster big screen rules.

I'm looking forward to a friend buying 3


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fu to halo 3 because it's all my boyfriend does now!!!


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FU to Halo 3 for using Matchmaking system for Ranked stuff and not Custom/Co-op/whatnot... No way to get a 4 person legendary co-op run started..