FU "He/She was/is a good person"


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I'm watching the First 48 right now. Plenty of shit to get enraged about, but the family of some dumb whore who was doing something stupid and died because of it said "She was a good person".

No, she wasn't.

You know how I know she wasn't a good person? Because you felt the need to say she was. I have a lot of friends who are disturbingly nice. People who work for relief organizations, who are volunteers, a ton of friends who've worked for the Peace Corps. I've never felt the need to say they are good people. It's self-evident that they are.

You know who I've heard the "Oh, they're good people" phrase used for? An ex, talking about her drug dealing friends. Tenants, trying to talk me into letting their druggie loser friends rent another apartment from me.

If you feel the need to say someone's a good person, they're not. They're a loser. Shut the fuck up and accept that they're losers.
Seems to happen in one community a lot... mind you could also be "best not speak ill of the dead" as well...

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My favorite... "He was a good man. A church-goin' man... went every Sunday."

Like walking into a church once a week makes you a saint.

I hear that one trotted out so often to defend hunks of shit and their shitty behaviour that it's to the point of pure hackery.


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Also, every male, regardless of age, has a child under three.


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Heh, you always hear that during the local news man-on-the-street interviews after a fatal accident or murder, usually in a crappy part of town. "I can't believe it! He/she was very quiet and nice and would do anything for anyone!"

You never hear "He's dead? Oh good. All he did was cause trouble around here"

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Oh, I get it. You're talking about niggers!