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It's all in the dealer. Thankfully, my Honda dealer has been excellent. Same goes for the Toyota dealer. The Ford dealers I dealt with for work trucks were hit or miss. The one closest to me blows. The one in the next town over was great, but I only went there once before we switched to Nissan.
My wife bought a brand new 2019 CR-V in February. She got a recall notice in July for an issue with airbags deploying randomly and/or not deploying during an accident. She made an appointment with the dealer for the following week and they canceled it the day before she was supposed to bring it in because Honda doesn't have enough parts in stock and can't say when they'll have them. 6+ weeks later and they still can't even give an estimate for when they'll have the parts for her.

On top of that, there's another issue that kills the battery if the car isn't driven enough - and it can't be jump-started. So, driving the vehicle is potentially dangerous but not driving it can kill the battery and make it undriveable.
Odd you can't jump start it... but yep I got both vehicles in the divorce and conveniently my ex left the car (that was mine) at her mum's place two states over. It had been prob sitting for 4 months. So be being me I brought jumpers, fix a flat, and a gas can just in case. Got in the car and yep battery is flat. I guess there is always something running that slowly drains the battery.

Jumped it and noticed somehow the muffler had been torn off... so yaaaaay an hour and half driving what sounded like a tank. Oh and it was of course full of her shit... lazy slag.