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In a few weeks I'll be working on a little project for my journalism class.

Last week in lab, we were given an assignment. The theme: multicultural experience. In this case, it is mostly dealing with religion. We were given a sheet with different religions on it and locations of churches, and we were told to pick the religion that we would like to learn most about and that we have had no previous knowledge of. We are then to attend the service alone and write about our experience.

Now, one would think that this would be a good learning experience for a student. But this isn't just about religion, it's culture. So, as you could have guessed, the majority of the churches on the sheet are attended by people of the black persuasion. Then of course there were Muslim and Buddhist establishments.

What did I pick? Well, I'll be attending a Mormon service. Why did I choose Mormon?

a. It's a safe bet that the congregation will be composed of happy white people
b. Catholicism was on the list and, even though I am an atheist, I didn't want to lie and say I wasn't familiar with the Catholic religion.

So what's my problem, you ask?

What annoys me is the whole state of mind the professor wants us to get into. I understand we are being trained to be journalists, but what a lot of people nowadays can't seem to grasp is the concept of reality. You see, the point of putting all those black churches on there was to make us attempt to learn about a culture other than our own and be tolerant. What the professor doesn't realize is that prejudice works both ways. The assignment strictly states that we must go alone, which means if I picked a black church, there would be a very uncomfortable situation. Rich white kid pulling up to a ghetto church in a nice car all alone and walking in with a happy tolerant attitude? I don't think so. Sure, be tolerant all you want, but a happy tolerant white guy still won't get far if he walks the streets of Harlem at 3 in the morning (might be a bad analogy, but you can see my point).

So, I'm really glad that I got my first choice and am going to a Mormon church. That way I can feel comfortable and safe around other suburban white folks.

I'm not a racist, but I am realistic.


If you want to be a real journalist, you need to make up stories and blow things out of peroration. If you hear some random person say something bad, blame it on the priest and the whole church. If you don't hear anything bad, just make it up. Otherwise, nobody will read the story.


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Is there another type of professor than liberal? I attended three different universities, the conservative ones were more middle of the road than really conservative.


Be honest Shooter. You went with Mormons just for the polygamy


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Perhaps you should had gone to a Scientology church. I'm sure they would had been very nice to you.


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Always got in arguments with my left wing professors. I don't need to hear about your political beliefs IN A FUCKING ACCOUNTING CLASS.


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Your going to have a lot tougher time with the Mormons then you will with the AME, Zion, or Baptist. Mormons will tell you everything about their church and their community but they wont let you anywhere near their family culture. Black churches will tell you a little about their faith but give you all the info you want on how their familes are held together with religion, what it means to their culture, and how their familes and communities rally around their church. And if your lucky, and you put your misconceptions aside and go in there with sincerity of wanting to learn something, they will invite you to future gatherings and even their home for Sunday dinner and give you a inside look to a major portion of their culture. Your black story will be easier and a lot better then the Mormon story.

If you just taking a Journalism class as part of requirement to graduate I would say go Mormon if you truly feel uncomfortable. But if your a journalism student then go with the black culture angle because it's going to be a huge part of your professional career.

Your gonna love the term "Mainstreaming".


Mormons are plotting to take over the world...

you've been warned.


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from one currently working in the profession, my advice is to CHANGE YOUR MAJOR NOW

and if that doesn't work, tell your tool of a prof you'll be attending a wiccan ceremony w/a goth chick who looks like amy lee
then show up to class w/a doll that looks like your prof and start sticking needles in its head screaming "TOLERATE ME TOLERATE ME" repeatedly
it might also help if you had a few cut marks across your arm--and if he asks just tell him you're digging that new religion


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I've been to service at a mainly black congregation, and If I wasn't agnostic, I think that I would enjoy that much more than White christian churches.

They would welcome you to their service, and the fact that you think they wouldn't and your obvious predetermined fear of their culture makes me think you would get more out of it than you will from going to an LDS church. (and it's LDS, not mormon fyi, something you can put in your article)

I think that journalism is a liberal field by nature...

one of the definitions of liberal is the idea that you are open to a variety of viewpoints, thich as a journalist you should also be.

as opposed to conservativeness which would mean you believe things should stick to a narrower formula.

What I've read about jesus tells me he was a liberal


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Take one person's opinion and go off on how it is a fact (scientific as well) and that to balance a story it needs to be mentioned.

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Smart kid.... Stay away from the Blacks shooter. They don't like you and wish nothing but harm on you...Professor Dandy survivor.

Mayby you could just go to a Dennys after services and talk to the blacks there... look for big hats and tailored suites.