FU Lynch-Mob.net

Feb 5, 2003
With a stranger
Stephen Lynch was nice enough to give the person running lynch-mob.net the leftover shirts from his Borgata shows to sell for $20 (they were $50 at the shows). So, I went ahead and ordered one--fourmonths ago. My card was charged the very next day, but this person was apparently out of shirts and had to wait for Stephen to send her more. Fine, it should only be an extra week or two, right? I guess it was too much to ask to put "temporarily out of stock" on the page when people tried to order them. Well, that turned into, "He still hasn't sent them, but he will soon." That turned into, "I received the extra shirts today (the end of April) and am mailing them tomorrow." That turned into, "I mailed the shirt over a week ago, but I'll send another tomorrow since you never got it" (and the "over a week ago" part was a good 3 weeks after "I'll ship it tomorrow"). Two weeks after that, and I still have nothing to show for the $20 I paid. It should not take four fucking months to ship a fucking t-shirt!

No Filter Paul has always had Jimmy's merchandise in my mailbox within 2-3 days. It doesn't matter if it's a CD or a shirt, I always receive it within days--not weeks or fucking months. Somehow, ther person doing this for Lynch takes months to get this stuff out.

Thanks for nothing. And thanks for not replying to the PM I sent you on Lynch's message board until I e-mailed you 3 days later. I guess it's easier to just ignore someone and hope he goes away. If I was a naive dipshit, I might believe that both shipments got lost in the mail, or that it takes a month for the post office to deliver things that I've always received quickly from everyone else but you. Fuck you.