FU Media...


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Aug 25, 2002
Buffalo, NY
I cant stands no more...I dont know how long its been since they put that rich cunt Paris Hilton in prison....maybe 2 weeks. But I turn on MSNBC and CNN and they are still talking about the bitch. What the fuck is going on in this country. Heres a novel idea, ignore her...ignore her and she'll go away. But no, that wont happen, the news media has nothing else to do, and fat stupid Americans are bored with their insignifigant, uninteresting lives so they glue their chubby faces to the TV screen or spend their kids lunch money on celebrity magazines so they give the media all the incentive they need to keep reporting on that bimbo....and other bimbos. Heres a suggestion of other things you media pricks can report on, our deplorable health care system, our failing social security system...or the big tomale the mid-east. Maybe they dont realize that that shit hole is circling the drain and will probably drag us down with them bringing forth the end of the world! FUCK! A nuclear Iran...I dont know about you but that scares me a bit.
Anyways, I can sum up Paris Hilton for all of the retard out there with this short statement: She has more money than you...which she didnt earn, she's had more dicks in her than Rich Stadiums urinals, and apparently she gets scorching herpes outbreak. There you have it, so for the love of god ignore the bitch...and every other celebrity that runs around town screaming "LOOK AT ME, I HAVE MORE MONEY THAN 99% OF ALL AMERICANS AND THAT GIVES ME THE RIGHT TO BE AN ASSCLOWN"
Focus on your own probelms and not the lives of rich, self loving jackasses.
OK, and that concludes my rant, rough day and needed to focus my utter distain for people at something.
So in conclusion FUCK YOU media, FUCK YOu celebrities and FUCK YOU to the morons who pay attention to these people
As for everyone else, have a nice day

Dopie Opie

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Oct 22, 2004
double negative...sorry to be a dick

Which I guess means that he actually can stand more....right ???
Why would someone want to stand more of this shit.

What a tool. I am sick of the media and can't stands anymore.

But that is just me


A BIG FU to the media! The whole f-ing world is falling apart... soldiers are dying, Cheney should be in jail and Bush is a fucking idiot, but we know more about Paris, Britney and Lindsay... or Anna Nicole, or the Coke-sniffing Miss USA then anything else.

FU MEDIA for not doing your JOB, and FU to the public for allowing them to do NOTHING!