FU my old boss


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Mar 6, 2006
Sidney, MT
Yeah, YOU, you fat, gastric-bypass-having-so-you-think-you're-God's-gift-to-the-universe, man-hating, bull dyke, fascist, power-hungry, one-sided, backward, GOD DAMN RICH CUNT!!! You got what's coming to you.

You thought you were real fucking smart firing me for something I didn't do, despite my supervisor, my entire department, and many other of my co-workers defending me. Oh wait, you DIDN'T fire me, you were too much of a fucking coward so you hid in the shadows sniveling while you had my supervisor do it for you.

FUCK YOU, you funds-misappropriating hypocrite. You got what's coming to you. You have now joined the ranks of the SHITCANNED. You are now among the FIRED. Don't be so surprised. It was GOING to happen and it should have happened a long, long, time ago. Have a great time standing in the unemployment line. You'll be there for a while because the people both above and below you are going to BURY you.

To make a long story short, one of my former co-workers at the newspaper I used to work at had a blog. On this blog, he would constantly talk shit about work, and our tyrant, Hitler-like boss. Some little fucking weasel who would get knocked on his/her fucking ass if I only knew who they were decided they would be a conniving little NARC and tattletale like a little kindergartener, and our tyrant, Hitler-like boss found the blog. He was a goner, there was so much shit on there, including a few C-Bombs, not to mention he apparently did the blog on company time. Anywhoo, I was on there as well, writing a couple responses (all based on everyday life, completely unrelated to the shit-talking, and no, I did NOT do blogs on company time), so she decided that while she was "teaching people a lesson" that she'd fire me too. Like I said, damn near everyone in my department argued in my defense, especially my supervisor at the time. EVERYONE BUT TWO PEOPLE IN THAT ENTIRE FUCKING BUILDING thinks, KNOWS I got fucking hosed and what happened to me was not right. It sure is funny how someone in the newspaper business, a business that basically lives or dies based on using the First Amendment, is so quick to react when the First Amendment is being used against them instead of for them. Isn't that funny? Yeah, hilarious.

Fast forward a couple years and BAM. The brass above her saw the immense rise in turnover from that point, since she decided that since she got away with one scot-free, she could be a completely unreasonable uppity bitch to EVERYONE without any repurcussion, which, combined with the bitter taste left in everyone's mouth because of my firing, caused people to either get fired or quit left and right. After noticing that, they saw that wwwweeeelll whattya know, her budget the last few years has been absolutely STAGNANT and she's been getting away with spending more than the paper is earning for YEARS. SHITCANNED.

I don't normally take pleasure in the misfortune of others, but god damn this is great! The bitch had it coming and I don't feel bad AT ALL about her being out on her ass.

Eat shit and die of AIDS you fucking phony. Go to hell.


you're just mad at the rich because you're a poor faggot mexican


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Feb 16, 2005
Center Valley, Pa.
its amazing that as you progress in your work life you dont grow as a human being. just about everyone starts out at the bottom but so many forget that. there is many more who deserve her fate. every now and then there tends to be that thing called karma.

i would love to know what the blog said when she got fired