FU Pain And The Unknown

George Costanza

All Hail the Dragonslayer.
I am constantly in pain lately due to some medical stuff that is worsening by the week. Now on top of all the pain. I think I have an abscess on my molar which at this point is just annoying. So much pain and fear. I really hope things change. I've always been a badass douche and now I am scared and in such pain. I miss biking and working out.


What's black and white and red all over?
Good lu

Creasy Bear

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"Medical stuff" = AIDS.


George Costanza

All Hail the Dragonslayer.
It's not the "Houses In Virginia"

Thanks for your thoughts, you've made me laugh many times on this board.


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Alcohol,takes the pain away...

Fuck Betty Ford. ( RIP, mam)