FU Palm


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for releasing the Treo 700p with major performance issues. Then you seemingly ignore them and release new product after new product before fixing the bullshit you already released... Foleo? WTF is that bullshit?

finally release an update that had been promised for months, only to find out that it causes more god damn headaches then the pre-update phone...what fucking phone lets out DTMF tones for no god damn reason and are still audible when the phone is on silent...oh and isn't this clever... disable error logging so when the phone is taken to tech support it will show the last reset PRIOR to the update being installed..... :mad4:

Oh yeah and thanks for doing this a week after the year warranty is up...:arrrh:

Look for part 2 of the double header FU.... FU Sprint coming soon to a message board near you...

dammit I need to meet someone with Sprint Retentions.......
I thought this thread was about jerking off. (pulls pants back up)

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yeah, I thought I would be able to give an fu to my wife in here for making me get snipped only to still not put out. At least my palm won't get knocked up now.
Treo's suck.. Blackberry is where its at.. Check out the new Curve, its badass


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I have a 700p and waited anxiously for the MR. My biggest problem was the bluetooth issues, which the MR did fix. But I too get the # tone all the time, and my battery life seems like its cut in half.

I think im going to call sprint and demand a 755 for free. They gave me the 700 for free from my 650.