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What the fuck?!? I just got my fucking PECO bill. It usually runs about $400 in the summer with AC and the pool filter, etc. This is out-fucking-rageous, but I just opened my new bill. $1,113. That's ELEVEN FUCKING HUNDRED DOLLARS.

Someone explain to me how the motherfuck I used $1,100 of power in 30 fucking days?!? Fuck these motherfucking cunts. There is no fucking way.

I am fucking flabbergasted and depressed.

If you need me, I'll be in the drinking thread... again.



as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
do you have the RF meter or are you still on the old system were they have to actually read the meter, if you have the old style meter i would bet on them "estimating" your bill, they did that shit too me a couple of years ago when they were installing the new meters my old lady let the dogs out on them, after that our bills went thew the roof because they were "estimating" our bill, i complained and got a discount after they installed the RF meter and saw how much we were really using, those fuckers.... oh and i got a nasty letter from PECO because of the dog incident,

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Fez, I won't lie, I have no clue what I have. BUT, I know I don't have any fucking $1,100 of electicity!

I don't have a weimmeraner to turn loose on them, but my boxer will be chewing some PECO ass next month.

Seriously, my fucking head is spinning.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
PECO knitter sub contractors dont like two wiemaraners bolting thew the yard at them, the one that finally came to install the unit wouldn't get out of the truck till i locked them up, in the house, and the old meter reader wouldn't get out of the car if they were on my deck. i had outrageous bills for years till they installed the new meter now its much better. i would call them and complain or at least force them to explain the bill maybe they didnt post your old bill till after the new one was sent

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Shit, if I can't get this bill fixed, I may need you to bring DOC up to help out. He and my boxer Santino, may bring some sense to this stupid bill.

Thanks for the info. Hopefully, I can make some sense with them.

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The feds are probably gonna show up, thinking you're running a meth lab.


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Damn, thats alot! My PECO bill was $60.41 this month.