FU "please be patient" assholes!!!


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You're not asking me to be patient. You're TELLING me that you're taking those seconds/minutes/hours out of my life. What you're asking me is to not bitch about it. Well, fuck you.

Your Goddamn incompetence/obstinancy is fucking STEALING minutes out of my life. It could be a couple of seconds I would be scratching my junk, it could be a couple of minutes I'd otherwise be spending taking a shit, it could be an extra hour I could get of sleep. And YOUR fucking shitheadedness is stealing that time away from me.

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!


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Whenever I hear "thanks for your patience" at my office, 99.9% of the time it means "I fucked up."


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No kidding.

Especially when you are in line (yes I said IN LINE you fucks :action-sm) for something and the cunt behind the counter is being chatty with someone.


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I love when they ask you to please be patient when you have no choice, like when you're in a train stuck between stations. FUCK THEM!! I get impatient.


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I used to have to be the guy who told people 'thanks for your patience' at my old job because I worked with a bunch of incompetent high school kids and half-retarded adults at a supermarket. Being a young kid myself and in charge of those idiots left me responsible whenever they couldn't do their jobs right, and then I have to tell people over the phone or annoyed people standing right in front of me that I appreciated their patience even though I knew they were not patient at all.

Then again, only some of the time they even had a reason to be impatient, because half of the time it was through their own faults that they had to wait for something. Don't you make a mistake and then get impatient when you are made to wait when you force somebody else to correct your mistake.


I wish I would have just ripped into one of the asshole customers before I quit... it's not like any of my bosses would have taken sides against me (at least not for real, just to cover their own asses, and I'd be gone anyway on my own accord).