FU Samsung


Good eeeeeeeevening.
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Feb 10, 2006
Oceanside, NY
I went to Italy over the summer and I brought my helix with me to use as an mp3 player. It was great to have for 3 days until I realized my home cradle was broken and I couldn't charge the f'n thing. I came home and called myradiostore.com and they told me I could call Samsung directly and get the part replaced at no cost. I called on August 20th, with no problems the girl, who spoke perfect English, told me that I would be getting my new part in 2 weeks and I should send the broken one back when I received the new one.

Fast forward to today. I still haven't received the cradle. I call Samsung again. It takes me 2 times to explain to the savage on the other end why I am calling. He tells me that they never sent the part because it is a discontinued product. He proceeds to tell me that since it's a discontinued product (which really doesn't make sense to me, as far as I know, Helix's still exist) I have to send the cradle in, ALONG with my radio (huh???), and they'll send me a new one. Meanwhile 3 weeks ago, I was told I would receive the product, then I could send the broken one back... When I asked for him to clarify and explain to me why they couldn't just send me the cradle, like they promised, he couldn't answer the question. I was 2 seconds away from telling him to learn English, then go back to work so he can help people.

Why can't they just send me a new cradle?

So the guy tells me to call customer service (he was technical support)... but I have to wait until Monday because they're closed.

I do not wanna spend $50 on a whole new home kit. Everything else works fine. Even on ebay, the cheapest I could find was $25, but still, why should I spend $25 when I could and SHOULD have one for free. On top of all that, the fucking guy was barely comprehensible and 100% unhelpful.

Fuck, I just wanna listen to my Helix in my room and when I'm walking through the city. It wouldn't be a huge deal if XM online had Home Ice 204 on it, but it doesn't...

Anyone else ever deal with Samsung? Does anyone have an extra Helix home kit they wanna sell for cheap?


Nov 20, 2005
Las Vegas, NV
No offense, bu tit should be an fu to you for still having xm.