FU Sears


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Fucking Sears, they need to go under and be done with it. I got a gift card for Christmas and haven't really thought of anything I needed. Last week I decided to upgrade my computer bag to a backpack that can be run through the airport security scanners without taking it out (been doing a lot of travel lately). Found one I liked, ordered it (gift card + credit card to make up the difference). Waited. Nothing. Went online to check the status and the order was cancelled. No email, phone call or anything. Would've still been waiting if I hadn't checked. The website offered to sell me a new one for $20 more than the one I chose. No thanks. Called customer service to see if they'd be willing to price match with the more expensive (but same model) as the website offered. Nope. Asked why the order was cancelled. Apparently my payment wasn't "approved". Pretty odd for a gift card and a debit card. Said fuck it and ordered it from Amazon for $20 less than the original Sears price (and free shipping). I'll use the gift card to get a fridge filter or something.

Shitty company. Be gone already.


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My ex had a similar problem she bought some stuff from them online never received any of it after almost 3 months and they wouldn't give her money back just offered a gift card.


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My sister JUST got her Xmas present from last year. They charged me twice and it took me a month force them take one of the double charges off my card.
For a company that basically invented mail order, weird they would fuck this stuff up...



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what do you expect from a company who's name rhymes with queers?


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I honestly don't recall ever buying anything from a mall department store, online or otherwise.
Well back in the day my buddies wife used to order shit through Sears as it was the easiest way to get stuff up to her camp way the fuck up north in Ontario... as the town had a Sears storefront in town...


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from shitcago

there's the problem right there

seems everything from that town is bad

they need a good nuking

maybe we can get that gook in korea to aim his missiles there


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I blame the end of using this as the cause:

And cleaning out my mother's studio I found a bunch of clothes patterns from Sears: 67-78
I blame the end of using this as the cause:

And cleaning out my mother's studio I found a bunch of clothes patterns from Sears: 67-78
My buddies wife is a hoarder... and guess her parents were as well... as I found catalogs going back to the 50's there... did 4 pick up loads to clean all the old shit out. When she came up there we thought her head was going to explode.