FU Soggy Bread


Go back to your shanties.
Have you ever gotten a poorly made sub where the maker of the sandwich went a little to crazy with the oils?

I went to a local deli today called "City Bites." Pretty good food. I ordered my usual Italian on wheat bread.

Before I unwrapped my delicious meal, I noticed that the wrapping was very wet. I unwrapped it, and to my disgust, the "blended oils" in the sandwich were soaked up by the bread like a sponge. I picked up the sandwich and the bread was soggy and awful. When I put it in my mouth, I nearly puked. The texture of the soggy bread overpowered the taste of the sandwich. It was as if they used mashed potatoes for a bun instead of bread. I sucked it up and ate the sandwich anyway, but that was probably the most poorly made sub I have ever consumed.

Probably doesn't help that Norman has a university and 2 high schools packed in a small town, so 70% of the town's work force is lazy teenagers.


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but at least THEY have jobs :action-sm