f'ng rams fans are sending letters to the philly daily news saying how philly is a second rate city! FU if were 2nd rate what the hell are you FU and they keep saying how playing the game sunday is a waste of time cause they're gonna kill the eagles FU KISS MY ASS 12 friggin points... we don't need em!! Mc Nabb is on fire right now FU WARNERnumber five is alive baby!!!climb on board cause he is taking us to the super bowl!!!!!!!!!!!
Warner is a dead man tomorrow. Pin a target on his rib...HD will find him. :(


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I am a Giants fan, but I was an Eagles fan for a day. I thought they had it. I still have mad respect for the Eagles, they played a great game. McNabb is a Pro bowler! He is a fighter, they just came up short.