FU stalker POS

You piece of shit, I did not want to get dragged into this shit. You stalk my g/f's friend, then go after my g/f. You are by legal def. a stalker, you threaten the girl because you like her. Then when I step in you tell me to go fuck myself?

Who do you think I am, some sorry ass depressed 12 year old? We are in our mid late 20s early 30s and you play child internet tuff guy games.

Be a fucking man, go find a girl that likes you and leave the rest of the fucking world alone you fucking piece of shit. Die. Like I need any of this shit while Im at work you FUCKING CUNT.

I wish I had the power to send your e-mail with BOX OF DICKS you FUCKING FAG.

Stop fucking stalking people jerk off if you want to be a tough guy man up in fucking public face to face instead of the internet you fucking cunt. CUNT CUNT CUNT.
Pieces of shit like that are amazing man, but what scares me is how off edge they are and try to hurt someone besides me. You want to take it out on someone, come at me, dont fucking curse and threaten women you balless fag.
A lot more detail goes into it, but I just got back from a pretty long business trip. Along with everything else going wrong at work, I find out that this guy has been harassing that girl for a long time. He has been in love with her, but never went out with her. Okay, a crush.

But he gets to the point when he threatens her, talks very much down to her, etc. I chose to stay out of it, not my war, not looking for a fight. But he decides to get my g/f in the middle of it, makes comments to upset her, then goes back to the other girl and keeps harassing.

The poor thing is he has not made that much of a threat to get a restraining order on him, so there is really no way to get rid of him. Again, I dont want to choose a fight, but it blows my top when I find out he says some shit.

I choose to be nice, tell him politely to leave her out of it, etc. He pretends to be Mr. Internet tuff guy, blah blah blah.

Have not heard a word from the pussy when I set him straight, but now it scares me on how pysco on someone. Thats where the line draws, and for now, I await for a response from him but still blood boils.

Glenn Dandy

How much is he willing to pay for this broad?
.357 is the answer to this riddle.


Mr. Internet tough guy, lol is a fucking dolt. I dont know how much he is willing to pay, hes not worth that much - we should get a donation going for him.

I stopped responding to him, I am not the "lets fight over the internet type of guy" so its not worth it unless he comes out of reality. But calling someone a "stalking cunt" really has significants. I never realized how fun of a word it was till the boys got onto xm :icon_mrgr