FU "The Hawppa (Hopper)" radio ad


From Philly, stuck in VA
So the guy forgets to mow the lawn, his mother in law's bday, his wifes...but saves the day with recording her shows on the Hopper. Then the dumb bitch says "I'm still on the phone"...

WHY the hell is that even dangerous or bad for the fake dude? Like autorecording is a secret. FUCK I hate that commercial... that , and the Bell Ray one, and lastly the guy who says "dollars" like "Dollors". Stroke mouthed mofo...

Its a wicket smaht commercial... gonna go pahk my cah in Hahvahd yahd....

A boo....

the Streif

I can agree with this FU. Most awfullest accent evah!


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This fucking commercial is just rage-inducing!! I FUCKING HATE IT!!


From Philly, stuck in VA
Then you have the stupid "What's that thing you put in your mouth?" "A Hawt-dog".... should change it to a fucking shotgun. Now the new one that is annoying is the Adam and Eve bleep out ....yeeeuck


it's a man, baby!!!
for a guy who says he is so schhhmmmaaaaatttttt

he sure sounds like an idiot

I turn the volume as soon as it starts


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Its da hoppah, guy!
Lissen heah, cheef -- get me a beah! I wanna Millah. Nundadat uddah shit, dude.

Fahk you, guy.
Imgunnasee my ollady in Sumville.


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Pretty close... eeek
I've lived around fucking townies my entire life.
I made it a point to take speech classes to rid myself of that awful local shit when I was a kid.

Although, it does have a tendency to make an appearance after a few shots.