FU to AL Roker and Doppler 4

Well i got to put the blame on somebody here for this motherfucking horrible ass Memorial Day Weekend weather. Fucking rain pieces of shit, fuck you too Sam Champion.
Sunny and clear. High 80's Great pool weather down here for this fine holiday weekend. I might not have WNEW down here but at least I am getting a great tan!


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fuck you too Sam Champion.
No joke, Beer just came flowing out my nose. Hahahahaha, That is fucking funny bro.


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fuck you to the weather channel and Iwon.com for fucking the weather report they all suck monkey ass


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No i am so still goin to the city this weather really sux
Oh, sorry I haven't kept up with this post. I was out at the pool all day. LOL
Is it raining out their???? LOL I went to the met game today with my kid. The Tickerts were free but the trib set me back a hundred. I told the guy next time he had free tickets thanks but no thanks they cost me too much.
PS the Mets lost.