FU to Alternators


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A big fuck you to the two worthless fucking alternators I've had to put on my car these past three weeks! While I'm at it fuck you to the guy that figured out it would be a good idea to sit a engine in a car fucking sideways. That had to be a man that never had to work on a car in his life come up with that. I hope he died of asshole cancer. It don't help that I'm a portly gentleman and had to squeeze my big ass in places it wasn't meant to go to put the fucking thing on. I'll stick to working on big rigs and construction equipment thank you very much.


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I had to get a new alternator for a '93 Ford Probe GT I used to own 6 years ago and it cost me, I swear to God, at least $500. Insanly expensive.


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once did an alternator in my moms 95 chevy corsica, fucking sideways engine in that pos too
i sincerely hope whoever thought of that is dead


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what kind of car? I have limited experience but the alternators were a piece of cake to remove on the 3800's I've owned.

On that note, FU to the asshole that decided it was a good idea to run the coolant to the heater core through the tension-er pulley mount and connect it with little plastic elbows. BOOOO
I'm no mechanic but even I know that alternators go one of two ways. They are either the simplest thing to replace or "what the fuck do you mean I gotta drop the tranny first?!"