fu to being allergic to cats


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it took me 27 years of living on earf (linglooooo) to realize i'm allergic to cats. i've never really had any friends that had cats. i;m over a friends place who has a cat but it usually shys away from people. today the cute little fella decides she wants to jump up and hang out for a bit. soon enough, by eyes start itching to the point i could barely open them. i'm not mad at the cat, i'm mad that i'm allergic, cats are pretty cool.

what the fuck are the point of allergies?


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I hate my cat allergies. My cat kicks ass, but I suffer for it. My one year old nephew is highly allergic, so he can't even come to my house without getting rashes and all puffy.
I'm allergic to both cats and dogs, but waaay more so to cats. It's horrible. I barely notice around dogs, but if there's cats in the house, I'm a mess. Cat's suck big time.


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I hear ya. While I I am a dog person, I like the personality that cats have too but, I cant keep them. IT STINKS AND I DON'T LIKE IT !
My cat is great, she plays fetch, and we sleep together.
Maybe I Am a queer...


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
im not a fan of cat hair, im trying to talk my wife into getting one of these after DOC dies (he likes to eat pussy)


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I find that it's best to just not eat the things that I am allergic to.

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My sister has a cat allergy. Some cats are worse than others. Popping a benadryl before going to someone's house with a cat will help you out alot if you're allergic.