FU to Bullshit artists!

She said she was gonna do it, but she couldn't get up the "balls" to post her reply. A friend of mine was ripped to shreds on ****** in a FU thread and she kept sayin she was gonna reply with the biggest FU ever seen there. I go there every day to see if she finally did it, but she chickened out and allowed the serious name calling episode to go without even having a word to say about it. I really don't think it matters that it was a mod that posted the trash that was said, it's the principle. I was really hoping she did post it, because i was mentioned in the thread by said mod and i had nothing to do with the thread or that board since said mod banned me many months ago. A mod on this board was also named in that thread, but that's another subject. I would just like to say FU to my friend for not showing some pride in herself and answering to the accusations that were brought against her. Thank you, drive through! :mad:


dude, i read your fu like 3 times and i still don't have an f'ing clue what the how you are talking about.

you make less sense then condit! :confused: :confused:
It's called reading, top to bottom, left to right.JK! I know, it did get a little fucked up there, but it's about a post trashing my friend and the fact that she never even replied to the original post. I'm saying FU to her because she said, several times, that she was gonna reply and still hasn't. I hope that clears it up a bit. :cool:


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Okay listen there will be no talking of said board over here. The said mods over there have their own problems and need to work through them. Truly if she had posted an FU about a mod over there she would have been bashed by a thousand people and then banned. I guess she wanted to remain a member of said board. I am guessing I was the mod that was mentioned.?.

Anyway, lets steer away from conversations about other places and enjoy ourselves here.

Thanks Mavric


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She will learn the hard way.jee I wonder why they never mention me ova there? oh well welcome to this board . By the way I remember when I was in England visiting the Queen and she told me she loved the O n A show and she asked me to get her an autograph from O n A and I told her that they were personal frends of mine and as soon as I get done with my tour with Metalica I would see what I can do. haha I hate BS artists also ...

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i dont wanto sound like an idiot,but what board are you guys talkin about,and should i check it out??
:::Jedi mind trick::: No Wackadoo, there's no other board to check out.:::Jedi mind trick:::


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What ????? This is the only one in town Any other boards are just bogus. Including mine at HTTP:// no not another shameless plug??? na I dont need one. wackbag is the one and only