FU to holidays and family


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Fuckin labor day weekend. It should be "please end my fucking life" weekend. My family sucks. 3 day weekends suck because I think it's sunday even though it's monday. fuck you to people that drive in the left lane at 65 thinking you're going fast, you should die. i like to do 85 so move out of my way. Fuck you to the mother fuckers that drive all the way out to the Pocanoes and act like you're still in the city. Stay the fuck home if you want to act like an animal.And to my my turd of a family... LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE. I go to the mountains to escape the city and be left alone and drink, NOT to be your fucking tour guide!!! Piss off!!!!! :mad: :mad:


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Geez Scumbag I am so sorry that your weekend sucked dont let these things get to you
atleast it is good that you are venting on wackbag..Just be calm baby chin up things will be looking up for ya


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i KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. i AM PLEASENTLY DRIVING 75 mph ON THE PARKWAY AND SOME BONERFACE WANTS TO PASS ME ONLY TO GO 50 IN A 65. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr AS FOR FAMILY we dont get invited anytime that is reserved for the others in my family. WHY????? because we dont kiss their ass or suck up to them. PERSONALLY I THINK their goofy and talk out of their ass.


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people just suck. Family or not, they all suck. I think I might be adopted because there's no way I could be blood related to these ass f's. I can't believe I'm happy to be going back to work just to end this horrible weekend.


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labor day weekend was is the best weekend in nyc :cool: :D


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Yep, it's that season again when you just HAVE to spend the holidays with your family. No matter how much you hate it and how far you might have escaped just to spend some quality time with your best buddies and not have those a-holes tell you what to do... you've got to come back because it's the "family time." Gifts, dinners... BS! :( What a bunch of crap.
I'm lucky, I spent so many years in this family hell. Now we just spend the holidays with the people we love, and want to see. But for many years it just sucked out-loud!


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I got to agree with SpotCheck, I can't wait for Christmas, we always have a lot of fun with the family. Its all who you spend it with.