FU to myspace hackers


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Hubby's myspace was hacked...luckily I happened to be the first person that they sent nasty emails to so it was obvious what was going on (and changing his pic to Hitler was a nice touch). We took it back but I had to write apologies to several people who this cocksucker wrote nastygrams to.

(Except for the one to NFP...that was funny)

That said, gotta give points for the creative wording in the "n***er brickin'" bulletin :icon_mrgr I deleted it but for your entertainment:

"We went out bricking "african americans" last night, all of us in the back of the truck, and sam threw his brick at an afro-american we were driving past and MISSED HIM! Of course when you miss you have to get out of the truck and get your brick back. Sam gets out of the truck and the "african american" starts mouthing off and says he has a gun, so I just nailed him in the head w/ a brick and knocked him to the ground, and sam stomped the black off his skin. lol stupid knee-grows."

BTW if your myspace is hacked the password they are using is "n***ger666" (without the asterisks of course).


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Well I guess they looked up where ya live, and figured they had a good profile.