FU to no action taken.


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A huge FU to taking so long blowing some ass up. The longer we wait the longer it aint gonna happen. then we look like pussies and it happens again. DAMN IT


Is alive.
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We need world support before we act.


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SOS I know what you mean but for real this is really taking a while for this shit..I talked to my parents about it and it is taking forever and they agree.
I want to watch the news and hear there are fucking things blowing up like fuckin crazy..
So F U for taking a while to do this like DH said. :mad: :mad: :mad:
All in good time. The world will be amazed at the response.
Ducks in a row, etc....


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If this government sits on it's ass too long, and another attack happens, it's all over. There's no way citizens will sit back and take it twice and not do anything about it. I'm pissed. I want to see innocence taken away from them, like it was taken away from us. It's time to fight dirty just like them. Everyone is guilty. There are no innocent people anymore.They set the rules, now we play and win by them.


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were flattening them real good now and wish this post was titled FU TO PROTESTERS