FU To O&A and SIRIUS/XM Lace/Stilleto Commerical


Its Business Time!
My girl works at Lace. Was just there and she wont get out at the usual time (20 minutes from now). So now i have to wait. Busiest its ever been. Not saying much. Hello recession.


Its Business Time!
FU to Sirius/O&A for advertising a place that's 3000 miles from me!
Its like 1 mile away from me. Soooooo easy. Its a nice spot. With at least one clean girl. L-0-L. No i hang out with a few of them. Clean cut good women. But when the drinks are pouring and money is to be made. They will sweet talk all your money away.


Not Fat, Big Boned!
Is that the ones where they show their Teets or is that the one where they show their gash?