FU to one of my best freinds


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
fuck you, belligerent drunk. you fucked up my whole day, you selfish drunk mother fucker, you endangered my life, embarrassed me, and forced me to to loose my fucking cool. what will it take for you to realize you have a fucking problem? in 18 years ive put up with a lot, today took the cake. i hope you find what your looking for at the bottom of that beer bottle, but i think your going to find nothing but more emptiness


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Sing it brother, sing it.

Glenn Dandy

Sorry about pissing on your dog Fez. I thought it was a ardvark trying to eat me.

I,m gonna get help I swear.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
Sing it brother, sing it.
well thats just it, i don't sing it. i refuse to be a hypocrite, i drink, hell i drink to excess, but, i don't pick fights, i don't incessantly babble about the same fucking thing over and over, i don't freek the fuck out like a child, i don't become physically violent (any more). i know when ive had too much "i wana go home" (every time Anthony says that i laugh). he has a problem, i put off confronting him for years and just put up with it, when he's sober he is the greatest guy in the world, and quite frankly one of my only true friends. yesterday he decided that he was going to attack me and his brother. he chose to attack his brother first, then decided to go after me when i refused to agree with him, i sided with the brother who was right, not just to save my own ass. i refused to discuss what was going on while he was drunk, but he wouldn't leave it alone. i did every thing i could to not loose it, i don't like loosing my cool and getting to the point of physical violence, im too fucking old to be getting into fist fights with drunks for no reason, other than there pathetic drunks. i had to threaten to call the state police so as not to beat the shit out of him to get him to leave, earlier in the day his own brother had to threaten to call the coast guard. its just gone too far, and can no longer be avoided he really needs help, but after yesterday i just don't know how to go about it.


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man I have buddy just like what I am imagining your friend is like. won't listen at all cause he is too wasted, even if it is obviously true. you have to lay down your line, let him know what you said and hope that they remember it. I don't know the situation but I can imagine what it was and all you can do is try to remind him what went down and hope they might remember it from a straight point of view.

usueally (from my expierence) they won't even remember the conversation.