Fu to overzealous fraud prevention

Buster H

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I have an account with USBank and they have become the worst. It has gotten to a point where I get at least one transaction every few weeks that gets rejected for no other reason than "oh, we didn't think it was you". They also have that extra "verified by visa" step that is a royal pain in the ass.

Yeah, I have had orders from Chinese companies where I can kinda understand it, but even in those cases, they take it to the extreme.

Shortly after them rejecting a charge from china, I tried to use my card at my local bar and the machine told the bartender to call them. It's fucking ridiculous. In the last 6 months that card has been shut off 4 times.

I am really beginning to think that they hate me because I pay my balance in full every month so they can't nail me with interest charges.

If I didn't get dividends from REI for using the card, I would have close that account by now.


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Not to go all conspiracy theory here, but Bank of America pissed me off over something similar and caused me to cancel that account. Somehow in the span of 2 transactions my card number was "stolen". It then took SIX WEEKS to get a new card. In the meantime they said I could get my money by showing ID at the bank. Thanks for that. Complete bullshit.

Sinn Fein

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I deal with the same shit with my credit union. It really is getting on my last nerve.
Bank of America did something similar... except they cancelled my card (without telling me) saying there were suspicious transactions etc... only found out the card was bad when I was filling up the truck. Good thing I had my chick with me and her card.

Buster H

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just had to call them again to get my card turned back on. It got shut off while I was in Ocean City, MD and used my card to pay for parking at an automated parking meter. No fucking phone call... nothing. It got turned off and I had no clue until the card got rejected on me. If it gets shut off one more time, I am dropping them


Had my ATM card duped (I only use the banks ATM's) and had a few grand swiped before they called me about suspect withdrawals. Then it takes the fucks three weeks to return the monee.
This is one of the reasons I kept my Navy Federal checking account after I got out. They can be cunts on stupid shit (daily spending limit of $2500, which you're unable to change for longer than 72 hours, no branches within 100 miles of me, etc), but they're in zero financial trouble, and they're used to the cards being used all over the world so they very rarely put a hold on it for suspicion. I think they hit me once because I had literally used it in two different foreign countries and 3 different states within a week, but it was a phone call, not a cock block.

Oh, and for some reason they like to call me when I buy things at gun shows.


A friend of mine constantly has issues with Navy Federal because of ordering stuff from the UK.
The Visa verified thing is really fucking annoying.
Also, PNC can get a little overzealous. Sorry I was up and paying a bunch of bills as soon as my check got deposited at midnight. It isn't as if there was a pattern of me doing that or anything.