FU to September 3rd, 2007

Today is the worst day of my life. Let me explain of everything that went wrong today.

I left Flordia this morning and got across the Georgia line and 10 miles in, So I am driving along and a cop on the other side of the median behind a bush and he comes flying across the median and starts chasing me. This adds onto my ticket that I got going to Flordia on Friday. I just swear it off and go on my way. Then I am getting close to home, getting anxious about finally being back and when I am 15 miles from home, my front driver side tire blows out while I am going 70MPH. I skid off to the side and inspect the damage and go for my spare. I crank it up and then I realize I have no tire iron to get the lugnuts off to put on the spare. I turn on my phone and as soon as I call, I get the beep of my phone that it's dying. I can barely make a call without it turning it off. So I throw it back into my car and flag down a car, 3rd car that stops has a tire iron. I change into my spare and rejoice.

I am driving along and get off the ramp to my house. At this point, I am about 2 blocks from home and my tire hisses. The spare flattened. I pull over to the side and stand there for a while, trying not to put the car in drive and laying in front of it and having the hot steel of my flattened tire run over my neck.

I walk down to the gas station and call my friend and tell him to come over and give me his spare. He gets there and we take my tire off, only to realize his tire iron doesn't fit my lugnut. So we drive downtown and go to his friends to get a tire iron. We get it, drive back, oh wait, that one doesn't fit either. Then we drive back and go to another persons house. We go back to my car and this one fits. So, I change my tire and go on my way.

Finally, after 12 hours of driving, I decide to come in, surf the internet, relax a bit and try to ease up and study for my test tommorrow.

I go to my computer but wait ... it isn't there! It got moved. So, I hook it all up and turn it on. I try to get on the internet ... nope! Connection doesn't work. I decided oh well, I'll use my book to study. I go get my book from my car and go back upstairs to study. I get my calculator ... but oh wait, it's missing. One of the landladies kids took it and won't admit it. I don't even care if someone took it, just give it back. I fucking lost it. All I wanted was to do some studying and this was the final straw. I went outside, sat in my car, and screamed as loud as I could and had a cigarette.

As I was typing this, my internet died again.


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then what happened?

:D :action-sm

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And then what happened?

EDIT: FUCK! You beat me.

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No car charger for the cell phone?

That's just stupid.


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Shitty day for me too. I was cruising along on my bike in San Francisco and a car cut me off. I had to go head on with a sidewalk to avoid him. I got my front tire over the curb, (I was hauling ass btw) but I didn't have time to lift my back wheel and completely drilled it on the corner of the curb. Put a nice dent in my rim. I put $200 into the bike yesterday, and now I need a new wheel. So, I had to walk from the Golden Gate Bridge basically, all the way to Embaradero BART... carrying my bike. That's about 5 miles or so. And then more after the BART ride. Fuck I hate retarded drivers.


Could be worse.

you could be this guy:



as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
hmmmmmmm. now this is just since thursday,;

ive come to the conclusion that my puppy has genitic defect in its knee and is going to require surgory, at least 1300$, my kitchen sink backs up friday night, then the bath room sink backs up. then the washing machine pumps a couple hundred gallons of water all over my basement, at 12am, then to top off the weekend my wife has an accident on my quad today, hurting her self, quad did fine. oh and i cut the shit out of my leg cleaning up my work room that got flooded along with the other 1000lbs of shit that got ruined in the flood


I had a bad day too.
I found out that the 19 year old I'm banging might not be able to come over today, which means I'll have to wait til Sat.
Worst day ever :D


Why do people keep calling me?
Sweet.... just bought some new wheels. $300. So, I've put $500 into my bike this week. I bought the thing for $400.