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What's the worst thing that ever happened to you? An event of a person (or both) that you can't forget and keep re-living over and over, even have nightmares about it? When something or someone put you down so bad you wished you were dead? :eek: Vent it here, rant and rave all you want. I've got my own story to tell... Just wanna see if this topic catches on first.


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The day I lost someone in my family. :( :(


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The day I was jumped by 10 teens . I remember that well. I wasnt allowed to get off the bus and had my wife with me. I sent her out the back door and barrled thru the crowd out the front. they all pounded me on my back and head at the same time . I gave started going under and something told me no and I went into another zone. I started to throw punches and clocked about three then grabed one by the neck and started to choke him.the others backed off. I took my wife rto the bar and had 8 shots of teauilla. we went home I wasnt dirty harry that day . I was Rambo lol Waot I didnt go home I went to the Hosp and the hosp called the cops on me?????? Go figure, I guess you have to report that shit. :cool:
I don't think things in my life have ever been worse than they are now. My grandfather (who by the way is my only family) suffered a stroke and is in critical condition. While I was at the hospital, the boss found someone to replace me. I lost my job. My girlfriend left me for another musician who allegedly has a record deal in the works. Can my f***ing life get any worse??? :mad:


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My worst day was watching my brothers and sisters go into certain doom on September 11


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the worse day of my left was the frist day i join the army
the day my girl friend was **** and kill
and sept the 11


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Originally posted by armymad:
<STRONG>the worse day of my left was the frist day i join the army
the day my girl friend was **** and kill
My God Army mad I am so sorry to hear that
God that is just horrible I am so sorry babe :( :( :( :(
Armymad, I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to you. This is just horrible. I'm so sorry. :( :eek: :( Now I'm not sure if I should tell my story because compared to this it's nothing... :(