FU to Taliban John


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Here's an excerpt from a Las Vegas newspaper. I know that not many of you will read it but those who do will find my comments on the bottom.

So what if Joh Phillip Walker, aka "Abdul Hamid" and "Suleyman al-Lindh," does bear a passing resemblance to Tom Cruise grubbed up as Ron Kovic in "Born on the Fourth of July>? It's probably a good thing that the Arab intellectuals who recently gathered in Cairo under the auspices of the Arab League to "improve Islam's image" didn't think to make Walker the poster boy for their makeover movement. Still, Walker, a California convert who joined the Taliban to help build "a true Islamic state" in Afghanistan, looks like any other Islamic hijacker -- I mean, hijacker of Islam -- and, as such, is one of Islam's biggest problem children.

So what do we do with the 20-year-old Walker, er, Lindh? Son of a Catholic father and Buddhist mother, this young Muslim -- and multiculturalist's dream -- recently emerged with his Taliban and al-Qaida brethren from the flooded basement of a 19th-century fortress in Northern Afghanistan after a week-long rebellion that left hundreds dead -- including a CIA agent.

Now what? Is Walker a prisoner of war? Unclear. As an American citizen, he is ineligible to come before the kind of military tribunal President Bush has established. If he has renounced his citizenship -- and, having already voiced support for both Sep. 11 assault on America and the attack on the USS Cole, he might as well have done so -- this Taliban fighter could be turned over to the NOrthern Alliance and tried in Afghanistan as a war criminal.

More than likely, he'll remain in American hands, ultimately facing one or more of an array of sedition charges, chief among them treason. All of these charges, by the way, are commonly dealt with considerably more severely than the "litle kick in the butt for not telling us where he was" that Walker's father considers just punishment for joining a foreign army to kill his fellow compatriots.

First things first: President Bush should stop calling Taliban John a "poor fellow": Showing sympathy may make the president feel the warmth of his own magnanimity -- and, in this tough time, it's hard to begrudge him that -- but after the flicker has faded, John Walker Lindh is still not a "poor fellow." He's a traitor and must face the consequences of his treachery by looking justice in the eye -- not by sinking into a legalistic limbo of phony victimhood.

I can just picture him on various talk shows. Especially that bitch Barbara Walters. She'll be kissing his ass. Hollywood would most likely buy the rights to Walker's life story and make a movie... No, wait, Stallone it too old for that. ;)

Anyways. I think the guy should face a military tribunal. There's no excuse for what he did.
He should be tried as a traitor to his country, and hanged for his crimes against us all. F the little bastard. Who the F joins the g-d Taliban?
You did it, now you must pay. Sorry. :mad:
Originally posted by SpotcheckBilly:
<STRONG>He should be tried as a traitor to his country, and hanged for his crimes against us all. F the little bastard. Who the F joins the g-d Taliban?
You did it, now you must pay. Sorry. :mad:</STRONG>
He won't be hung. He will shot by firing squad. He will be tried by the UCMJ and according to the UCMJ, traitor during wartime found guilty will be put to death.
I want to issue a big pre-emptive FUCK YOU!!! to all the lawyers, media tools & usual suspects who are going to try to make this traitorous asshole out to be some kind of folk hero.
He should have his balls shot off on Live at Five!!! That kid is a piece of shit.
The little piece of shit Wanna-be will get off, and do the whole talk-show circuit. He's probably got a book deal already.

He should be gut-shot in the lion habitat at the Bronx Zoo.