FU to the Flu


It's My Birthday!
You cocksuckingmotherfucking miserable little bastard of a bug. DIE!

the Streif

little n little y BIG FUCKIN' Q

P.S. Good luck bro.......


Will Drink Today
I came down with it at 2am Saturday and have finally killed it today. It was the worst I have felt in a long time. I got it without warning. I was drinking all day on Friday and passed out at about 11pm and then woke up at 2am with an overwelming urge to throw up. Spent the rest of the weekend pissing out my ass, puking and shivering and sweating at the same time. Worst weekend I have ever had. I took a lot of different flu medicine and none of them really helped that much. Good luck.


Check out my big c**k
I have this shit right now...



in your mouth
I've got it now. I hate this feeling. Head is pounding and you just feel so dizzy, this sucks!!


It's My Birthday!
Fever finally broke.

Sweating and shrivering for the last couple of days like a junkie is no fun.
I started with a fever almost two weeks ago, lost all energy last week, couldn't even get out of bed then this week got strep throat and now my head is so stuffed that everytime I try to blow my nose I gag because my throat is still swollen. Fuck you not only to the flu but to the nasty fucking scumbag humans that cough and sneeze and don't cover their fucking mouth and also let their nasty little scumbag children do the same!

This just reconfirms why I hate people.
I took a lot of different flu medicine and none of them really helped that much. Good luck.
I have been on anti-biotics and motrin. I have to say that Motrin is the only thing that helped with the fever and swelling.

The best part about this fucking bug is laying in bed with sweat pouring off every inch of your skin.