Fu to the NY Football Giants

For having there boring ass nobody cares preseason football game on WNEW tonight instead of a LIVE Ron and Fez show.


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I have to agree whole heartedly. I love the jints but TV is enough. Who gives a fuck about preseason bullshit? Fuck that. I could understand regular season, but not pre. That blows.
Dam Skippy Mav, Preseason sucks and at that who the fuck wants to listen to any football game on the radio.


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talk about a fuck up idea to do
now today they have all the shows on what are they going to play on sunday


I speak the human language
Speak english!!!!!! God Dammit!! Hooked on phonics worked for me.

Sunday will be football. The season is starting. WNEW will probably air sunday's games. Then they will probably just keep playing replays.
FU to the moron who thinks its a good idea to broadcast a football game over the radio. Yeah i want to hear a bunch of loud Whistles and people Cheering. Also FU to the retards who actually tune into these radio broadcasts and give them ratings so they can keep coming at us with this shit.

I think Sports Radio is the most boring format of radio out there. Come on who really listens to a game on the radio when you can just watch it on tv. Maybe once or twice you can catch a game in the car on the way home or something but really who does that. Then you got Sports Talk where they all call in and blab about the samething for 3 days straight but its better than those goddam boring fucking games.


FU to all the giant fans.Eagles rule!!O and A now rule philly!!!

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they better win this sunday, :mad:
and go to win the superbowl
uhh. I think we're eliminated Army, but we can hope for the Sack record.