FU to the prick that hit my truck


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FUCK YOU to the pure piece of shit that hit the side of my 1 month old ford explorer sport trac in the middle of the night and kept going. You're a gutless fucking asshole. At least leave a note explaining why you're such a tool. Like the fucking street isn't wide enough you fuckin brain tumor victim. You're lucky you only scuffed the paint and didn't dent it or i would make it my life mission to hunt you down and make you're life so miserable you'd kill yourself. I want to hit you in the stomache with a hammer untill you piss in your pants. :mad:
holy shit!

same thing happened to me last night, I was in the bar and when I came out 3 hours later some truck had backed into my car scraping the top of the bumper and smashing the grill.. the prick didnt even leave a note

I have a 97 cadillac deville concours, so this prick did at least a thousand bucks worth of damage. people just dont have any respect for other peoples property anymore.
I would bounce too if i didnt get caught in the act. As i see people dont respect one another and they would do the same to me and have done that to me before. In this world its every man for himself.


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Yea I probably wouldn't have left a note either now that I think about it. But the place I was parked is like a double wide street so this jerkoff must have been drunk or just plain fuckin stupid to be so close that he hit the side. The problem is, you can't have anything nice because it's sure to be ruined. It's like banging a nice tight ass, and then Jamacan Mike comes along and just fuckin ruins it forever.


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I had to get my truck between two double parked cars in NYC and my tail hit off a guys mirror. My company paid for it but damn he was doulble parked. Thats not right. Next time I book.