FU to the Savages that work for dish network

izzy izkowitz

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May 23, 2007
A big FUCK YOU to the third world savages named "Jackie", "Nicole", and the supervisor "David" that I had to deal with over the weekend to be able to get to someone that actually speaks english as a first language so I could get my dish working after their entire system went down. I know it was a wide spread problem because for 2 hours I couldn't even get into a queue and just kept getting a busy signal. My entire service went down and when it came up I was missing one of the sattelites that gets most of the HD channels. I wanted a credit for the day and an estimate of when the thing would be fixed. I kept getting told it was a techical issue and transferred to a queue that would just disconnect. I finally on the 4 call of actually speaking to someone, got through to a person that wasn't using a pretend name to try to convince me that they aren't from some fucking hut where their native language is a bunch of clicks. He actually admitted that they had a major problem and was able to walk me through to get the HD sat signal back up. Why do these fucking companies have to make it so damn hard to get to the right person, and why do they insist on insulting my intelligence with giving these fucking savages pretend names?

Also, a side FU to my wife for actually getting pissed at me for being pissed at the savages and calling them what they are, FUCKING SAVAGES.



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Jan 26, 2005
That's really messed up what your wife did.