I wanted to build my own webpage and they banned me in less than 4 hours for what they called Pornography!!! Come on dicks she had clothes on.

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They said my violation was pornography. I uploaded that pic i posted in the MOD FORUM of the girl with clothes on holding a teddy bear.

There Definition of PORNOGRAPHY!!!
How do you define "pornography" and "adult content"?
Lycos defines "adult content" as any type of media that could be considered pornographic. This includes any image that depicts nudity. As a FREE Web-space provider, we reserve the right not to host this material on our servers. We will remove accounts for containing or linking to this type of content without warning.

That is bullshit she had clothes on. I am fighting this with them i have sent them an e-mail and explained my side of the story but they havent responded.
Yeah they mentioned that one also to me too in my short 4 hours there. I will post that pic.