fu to wnew sunday line up


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the sunday line up is one of the wrost on the radio ,they brother whez is the olny good thing there the should get ride of tom lick ass and b put on the best of the radio chick


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armymad I am so sorry to tell you this but for real now the chick is gone they wont have anything of hers on WNEW...
It sux big ass but there is no hope for that
Well you know...

When they neve did best of shows 4 da chick on the weekends, you know they were up shit's creek.

I feel bad for Chuck Nice... He has a kid to raise.


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Well he is a comedian. He will have this show in his credentials, it was a popular one at a certain point. Plus I heard he was pretty funny live. So he should be able to land a job somewhere in the biz. Who knows they might get back together on another station.

As for the sunday line-up. Jesus when don't you listen to WNEW? I am a hardcore listener on the weekdays, but on the weekends I am strictly O & A and maybe I pop on the Weez or Trunk if I am driving out somewhere on the Island on Saturday. Sunday = Couch Potatoe. Flicker in hand. ;)


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but the tape be long to wnew and tom lickass is the worse get him off :mad: :mad: