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Feb 15, 2005
Well.. yesterday by the time i write this.

So, a couple of things went wrong.. first of all, the day before i got my energy completely drained from running around. The last thing i needed was to have lack of sleep.

What do i get? Of course, woken up at 9. I have a neighbor, old guy... that like to talk with my old man... another old guy (I'm talking 70's here people). The problem? The Neighbor feels like he can come over whenever he god damn well pleases to.. no warning, no calling the house/dad's cell.. nothing. Why the fuck do people think it's ok to just show up out of the fucking blue JUST because you think because their your friend, it's ok to do so? This isn't the first time it's happened, and certainly won't be the last...

Speaking of things that happen more than once... my door to my room finally decide to stop working.. as in, can't turn the fucking thing. Easy fix right? Just disassemble the thing and.. wait... no. You see, the house that I'm currently living in is a rental, and was built in the 1950's.. and apparently, the doors haven't changed one fucking bit. I was pretty much locked out of my room, until i got some "help" (I.E. Chipping at the door to force it open, without actually busting the door.) The first time this happened, I was locked INSIDE the room.. which is wonderful when you really need to take a piss.

Finally, tonight... i'm getting this weird pain that's on the left side of my chest, and radiating through to my back.. also, part of my neck feels clenched. To add to this, I'm not sure if it's my lack of sleep or this recent situation, i feel sort of light headed and nauseous.

But hey.. can't be to bad tomorrow right?.. egh..