FU XBOX 360 achievement points


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These fucking gaming points are ruining all the fun of playing games for me. I didn't used to care, I played good games just for fun and the satisfaction of beating the game. Then my asshole friend has to start talking shit about about how many more points he has than me. Now night after night I subject myself to terrible games like TMNT, King Kong, and African Safari. I'm obsessed now. I have to have more.


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I don't really care about achievements, because there's no motivation to have more of them. Unless they have some sort of deal that for every 25,000 is a free year of Live, then I would be more concerned. Well, that would actually be a lot more expensive to achieve than paying 50 bucks for a year of Live, but you know what I'm getting at. They need to have some sort of motivation to keep us raking in the points. Maybe some free XBLA games or something, I don't know.


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The points pretty much mean you can beat viva pinata on hard for 1000 points. Who gives a shit. If youve got more than 2k it means you play games pretty consistantly. If you have 300 you probly just got a 360 and if you have over 15k you live next door to blockbuster in your parents basement with no job no life and talk shit to kids over live all day and night. I hear people talking shit all the time to me about it cause I dont have a million points but when you look up tier points they have the majority of thiers in games liek you said, paperboy, donkey kong, tetris, viva pinata, TMNT and other kiddie games. In the long run it really doesnt matter. The only ones I see taht could hold some sort of relevence are some of the online ones. 20k points online, 40k points, 1000 kills, 1000 wins, stuff like that. 1 win for 15 points ok ya, thats ok only if its held in check for like 15 points. Ive heard there are some games out there like Gears that you can glitch online and get every accomplishment for online achivements in one online game (so ive heard). IMHO it dont mean shit.

Dont "cheapen" the quality of your gamer score with low quality games. Its always easy to use a gamer's history to throw back in thier face when they talk shit about thier vast expanse of points over yours when you tell them to go back to playing Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), LEGO Star Wars and Shrek the Third. See what they have to say then. That tends to send the rest of the room into laughing frenzy. I usually end up getting "trash talking" bad rep for it but its worth it.