Fuck All The Princess Diana Fanatics


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Fuck you for your insignificant lives, Princess Diana fanatics, carrying on as if the cunt accomplished something important that benefitted humanity or that the whole of mankind was robbed by someone who could have potentially improved things by not dying. You were a self absorbed nothing that managed to do in death what you couldn't in life, that is, keep your knees together. The only thing more pathetic than the non entity whose 'tragic death' some are remembering with alligator tears ten years on is the nothings that worship her to this day. At least people who mark the passing of Elvis Presley or a Kurt Cobain have the music those individuals produced, and can rightly wonder what greatness they could have heard if either one of them didn't die when they did. The Diana fanatics are just no life douches with nothing proactical to fill the void of their empty lives. I'm sick of hearing about her and the adoration she commands, all for nothing.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
hell yea, you know they spared no expense embalming that bitch, i bet her pussy is still tight and her fake boobs still soft


The 9/11 Moon Landings Were An Outside Job
I didn't get it when she first died, I get it even less now.
It's easy to hate on ol Diana. I was never really a fan, nor understand the hype. But the reason I can't be mad at her is she lived, she never really bothered anyone, and she died. For that I can give her a bit of respect. many people who attain some sort of notoriety are automatically assholes. She seemed like a genuine nice person. Even with all the bullshit she dealt with with that inbred floppy eared faggot of a husband she kept her cool and did her thing.