Fuck deer

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So I'm driving home tonight, following a pickup truck through a wooded area and a deer decides that the best time to cross the highway is in between the two vehicles. I jam on the brakes to no avail and I clip his ass end on the driver's side. Busted the plastic grill and buckled the hood but somehow didn't break the headlight. I can only hope that it's legs are broken and it starves to death or gets shot in the face by some lucky hunter. But I'm sure I'm not that lucky, it probably just shook it off and bounded into the woods. What a fucking nuisance these animals are. Completely worthless.

Louis CK was right:



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Those unpredictable pieces of shit scare hell out of me driving on the interstate late at night, sometimes there are 10 or 15 of them along the side.
I do like seeing them in the woods near the house though, they are free food and they look cool.


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Can't say I condone bestiality, sir.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
They are like friggen rats around here


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Elk are really bad around here. You'll be moving along the highway at 65, drive around a bend, and there are 40 elk sitting in the road staring at you like you just told Rainman Judge Judy was canceled today (tsss). Most of the time you can avoid them, but all you're thinking is the next fucker coming around that bend is going to slam into you going 70.

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I've hit 4 deer since I've turned 16 and started driving. The state is finally putting up deer proof fences and establishing crossing areas for the worst parts of the interstate between Omaha and Lincoln. But the rest of the highways around here are wide open to the dumb fuckers. The last one I hit did $8K worth of damage to my work car, and put it out of commission for a month.
dear are fucking retards. they deserve to be killed


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my redneck cousin from Virginny is doing his part -- killed 4 this season already. Sending me some backstrap, too.


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There are a surprising amount of deer so close to DC, but not for long. Any chance you have a friend in Montgomery County PD that could invite you?

Police to shoot deer on Md. golf course

Wednesday - 12/7/2011, 2:23pm ET
SILVER SPRING, Md. - Police sharpshooters will kill deer at a Montgomery County golf course this winter to control the population.

County officials say the Department of Parks was asked to manage the population because of increasing vehicle accidents involving deer, Lyme disease from deer-borne ticks and damage to native plants that is affecting birds and other animals that rely on the plants.

The Sligo Creek Golf Course will be closed from 5:30 p.m. until sunrise in January, February and March while sharpshooters reduce the deer population. Park police will patrol during sharpshooting and signs will also be posted saying the park is closed.

County officials say contraceptives were considered, but that requires deer to be captured, tagged and injected by hand. And they say contraceptives used in other areas have not proven effective.