Its just plain fucking stupid, that I have to suffer without O&A for any period of time, because the douchbag in the morning. When the gloves come off this thing, I hope to see THE MAVEN OF HOLLYWOOD have his NOBU filled ass handed to him, of course douchbag will do his best to make O&A look and sound like di bella OR manqueer, nationally. POWER TO O&A, TRUE RADIO GENIUSES, until they have half hour commercials and their lips affixed to the cranky ass of hollywood, they are fighting the good fight. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Well i dont think its Howards fault O&A are not on the air right now there contracts where up and i know they are trying to get the best deal they can that will benefit them in the longrun. I would rather not have O&A on the air today than them be on the air cause they just jumped into whatever contract was offered to them to get back on the air right away.

100 Grand

I used to be a contenda.....
Howard's show*****20mins show/40mins comms
O&A's Show*****10-15mins show/10-15mins comms
It all adds to pretty much the same times....only means the shows are making a ton of $ for the stations! R&F are starting to play alot of commercials on their show too!
I do think O&A have more live reads than Howard...which usually end in a bit so we don't actually remember they're in commercial (neither do they half the time lol)