Fuck idiots..


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So I sold my friends boss my Mossberg 590 in excellent condition only took it out shooting once since I bought it for $300 which I feel is a fair price. Apparently he talked to a guy who says it's only worth $150 and is all sorts of pissed off. I offered to buy it back for $150 to really show him how annoyed I was with him. Now he's blowing up my cell phone.... Oh god do I wish I still owned it so I could blow his fucking face off.
That guys retarded. $300's a great price for a 590.

Shit, I might buy it from him for $300 if he's looking to recover.


$150 is what a retail outlet would pay for a trade in. Then they mark it up to $400 and sell it for $350. Fuck him in his cheap coolie hole.


Tounge puncher of fart boxes
Well he's not getting his money back he can suck my smegma laden cock.


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The dude probably just heard "Mossberg" and thought it was the same model he sees sitting on Big 5's shelf for $150.

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Shit like this is why I stopped selling stuff on ebay. I made a metric shit tonne of money selling refurbished medical equipment on ebay, but it got to the point where no amount of money was worth dealing with the teeming masses of imbeciles that inhabit this planet.

As frustrating as it may be selling a simple, straightforward object like a shotgun... imagine selling some high tech shit like defibrillators and electroencephalographs to drooling morons.

Ebay selling is fucking enraging.
Well he's not getting his money back he can suck my smegma laden cock.
I'm very serious, if he wants his money back I'll absolutely buy a 590 for $300.

Gimme the specs, though. Is it an spx? a1?


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
that is one of the reasons that i never sell anything to people that i remotely know and when i sell to strangers i give them false info, i despise most humans