Fuck ironwood communications

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Aug 26, 2005
Decided to upgrade to a new HD reciever.Gotta get a new dish,too.Try to do it online (direct tv),they recommend the free installation. I click on the free installation,go to the pay for it page,$99 for the receiver,$99 for the install,no way to NOT pay the $99 for the install.WTF? I call,wait on hold,take care of it over the phone.
I have an appt. for today sometime between 12 and 4. 5 kids,we both work,gotta make some arrangements so somebody can be home.I get home at 5:30,guy hasn't been here,no phone calls to either house or cell. Fuck. Call direct tv,wait on hold,they cant get the install guy on the phone. I bitch,they give me the phone number of ironwood,the install co. and a $100 credit on my acct. I call ironwood,no answer, do this several times finally get an answer wait on hold 30 minutes. Cunt on the phone says " I can't access those records from here,call the number back and choose option 3" Mother fucker. Same shit over again,'nother 30 minutes on hold,they fucking say the guy will be at my house at the unbelievable time of 8: fucking 00.
So,8;30 rolls around,the phone rings,tech guy says "I'm leaving now,I'll be there in an hour. Fuck. He showed up at 9:35. We gotta get up at 5 a.m. to go to work.
Funny thing...I speak spainish and sometimes it's faster to choose the spainish option instead of english when calling some big companys,so I picked spainish when I called direct tv back to bitch some more. When the guy answered I was speaking english. He asked me if I spoke spainish since I called the spainish line. I told him yes,and he insisted I speak spainish the rest of the call. After bitching,I got 3 months free of all the movie channels.
Direct tv was pretty cool about it,Ironwood communications can suck my cock.


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May 16, 2007
I had the same problem with Ironwood. They told me between 12-4 and never showed. I kept calling DirecTV and they kept saying he was on the way. At around 8, the installation guy called and said he was lost, so I gave him directions. Mind you he was about 20 minutes from my house. Asshole showed up at 11:30pm!!! Then told me he had to charge me $40 for a fuckin pole to put the dish on. I gave him a check, he left and didn't even install the pole right. I had to redo it.

Needless to say I went to the bank the next day and cancelled the check. I called too and got 3 free months. You would think DirecTV would get tired of handing out free programming and hire a different install company.

Cunt Smasher

Caligula Jr.
Aug 26, 2005
He got done at at 12:15. I get up at 5:00. I was not about to make another appt,so toughed it out. I can understand things happen,but not calling is completely unacceptable.
BTW...the HD kicks all forms of ass.

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Apr 3, 2005
Lynchburg VA
I upgrade a few months ago. The idiot that came to my house wired everything up wrong and I had to rewire it.Ironwood sucks a big cock.


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May 21, 2005
I used to have and still do actually, a big "c band" setup with a 10 foot dish, actuator half dozen wires and cables. I have set this thing up so many times and it is a pain to do. I put up my first dish network dish in the dark in about 10 minutes, all you need is a level, and a general knowledge of where the south is. These pro installers have a meter to lock the signal with, they do installs all over the area so they know the azimuth and general aiming direction and they still act like it is chore to do. they hire them since they do it cheap.